A dream out of a nightmare! I don’t know how to honestly put into words how thankfully I am to Dr Dhir. I came to see him knowing what was probably going to be necessary but scared to actually willingly choose nasal surgery. He was wonderful, thorough yet didn’t waste time in the consultation and (sensing my fear possibly?) recommended we take a conservative approach and try other methods first. I loved that he didn’t want to immediately run to cutting. When a seemingly unrelated medical issue popped up, another specialist said I’d need surgery and that the cause was actually related to my nose, so I’d need nasal surgery as well. He recommended 2 doctors and to my great pleasure 1 happened to be Dr Dhir. PRE-OP: What followed was 2 weeks of pre op visits, tests & scheduling that left me feeling like the most important patient in the world to both doctors – when I had trouble finding an independent doctor to do my pre-op, Dr Dhir’s office came up with a host of great suggestions…that worked! Dr Dhir & my other Dr were on hand for all of my questions (and from this wordy note you can assume I had a few!!) and Dr Dhir even scheduled a conference call with my out of town family so they could get all of their questions answered by him as well.DAY OF SURGERY: The day of surgery (although a bit of a blur thankfully!!) couldn’t have gone more smoothly – Dr Dhir arrived early as he knew I was nervous – made little jokes and took my pre-op photos himself. He distracted me as best he could prior to me going under & then made sure to check in with my family that was at the hospital after surgery. He then yet again went the extra mile – calling my out of town family himself to give a full update also. POST OP: Post op care was as good or better (if that’s even possible) with phone calls and visits immediately following surgery – and my surgery was on a Friday. He called no less than 5 times over the weekend alone…all just to make sure I was doing ok & didn’t have any questions. He even stayed late one night because he knew I was uncomfortable and he didn’t want me to have to wait an extra day for the removal of the packing. It should also be mentioned that Gladys in his office is an absolute doll. She called frequently as well to check on me herself – and she too made me feel like a VIP before, during and after surgery – even held my hand when I was nervous about some of the post op stitches coming out…a total class act!! NOW: I’m almost 10 weeks post op & I’m sleeping thru the night for the first time in as long as I can remember – I can breathe fully and as a bonus side effect I’m losing weight because I’m able to work out longer, harder and better…and the extra icing on the cake? While he was fixing the septum and sinus issues, he did a slight aesthetic fix as well and…my nose is GORGEOUS! It looks still real & just mine…only very subtly better! People keep telling me how I look happier..or healthier…but no one can really put their finger on it until I point it out…exactly what I was going for since my nose was nice to begin with! IN SUMMARY: In an age when everyone is in a hurry to move on to the next task, Dr Dhir is a unique gift of a man to have found – he truly cares about his patients as if they were his family – and I now feel like he’s a part of mine! He solved my medical issues while also giving me a beautiful enhancement to my current nose – rare to find this ability in 1 doctor. As most people, I don’t love the idea of surgery – but if I had to do it all over again, there’s no one else I’d ever go than Dr Karan Dhir. I’ll never truly be able to express to Dr Dhir & Gladys how grateful I am – but I’ll spend the rest of time trying!!!

– GG Los Angeles, CA