Getting a nose surgery has been something I have wanted to do since I can remember! Finally at the age of 22 I was able to start looking for doctors and get the surgery done. I went to several consultations in Canada and none that I felt comfortable enough with. I had family in Los Angeles so I decided to travel to the states and since it’s the surgery capital- at least, give it a go for a few consultations. Let me start by saying, some doctors can be a real work of Art when it comes to their attitude and how they treat a patient! One of the doctors I had a consultation with charged a ridiculous amount for a surgery -for the reason he was known to be a really good doctor … After I walked out of the consultation I wanted to just forget about my surgery period! He was so rude and didn’t even ask for what I felt was wrong with my nose and only gave his opinion.

I was beginning to lose faith and didn’t think I’d be able to find anybody who I felt comfortable enough with to do the surgery for me; and there it was! My next consultation was with Dr.Dhir. He was so sweet and kind. He took all the time I needed at the consultation to talk to me and make me feel comfortable. Asked me all the things I wanted and told me what he thought would be best. After talking to him for half an hour I walked out knowing for a fact I’m going to choose him and had trusted https://biotech-health.com/canpharm/ everything he had told me and I definitely took his advice about how I wanted the surgery to go. The next day I left a deposit and made a date for the surgery. I flew in To LA from Canada and got the surgery done. I have never been happier and I breathe better than I did before the surgery. It went great and he gave me and my family all the emotional support we needed and more. I personally vouch for Dr.Dhir’s work and know that he will do nothing but the best and put all the time in the world that’s needed to make a patient feel comfortable. I have referred him to several friends and family and I am waiting for my sisters 18th birthday to also have her surgery be done by him! He is the best doctor and the only person I would trust with a facial surgery. He takes his work and his relationship with his patients extremely serious and passionately and is a perfectionist. He has made sure to follow up with me even 3 months after my surgery and has asked me to keep in touch even up to a year. His amazing and you cannot go wrong by choosing him as a surgeon!

Dr.Dhir thank you so much for everything. Every time I look in the mirror or see a picture or a reflection of my face, I only think of how lucky I was to have had you as a surgeon and how happy I am with the outcome!

– SS Canada