Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Many individuals in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles want to have a nose procedure, but not every surgeon has the right skill set to work with their unique features. Dr. Dhir is proud to offer several types of ethnic rhinoplasty, cosmetic nose surgery that has adaptive techniques for the nasal structures of patients from various ethnic backgrounds. He provides Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills to help patients discover their best appearance and inner confidene.

What Makes Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Different?

Every rhinoplasty should aim to craft a nose that fits the face and suits the patient’s natural features. Anything else can look artificial or out of place. But sculpting such results requires an intensive understanding of not only the unique nose structure for patients of Middle Eastern ethnicity but the face as a whole. Every patient’s nose is unique, but some of the common concerns for patients having Middle Eastern nose surgery include:

  • Raised dorsal bump or hump
  • Drooping nasal tip
  • Broad nasal tip
  • Thicker nasal skin
  • Bulbous nasal tip
  • Wide nasal tip

What Is Middle Eastern Cosmetic Nose Surgery Like?

Dr. Dhir’s surgeries are each built from personalized details, so no two are fully alike. However, the outline for Middle Eastern cosmetic nose surgery will be similar to a traditional nose job in several ways. A typical procedure includes:

  • Preparing in the days to weeks before surgery (stopping certain medication, obtaining bloodwork, etc.)
  • Receiving general anesthesia
  • A duration of between 4-6 hours
  • Outpatient basis (can return home the same day)

Depending on your procedure plan, Dr. Dhir will make careful adjustments according to the features you want to improve. This can include:

  • Shaving bone (however, only a conservative amount will be shaved to avoid a sloping look to the nose)
  • Supporting the nasal tip with cartilage grafts
  • Reducing large alar cartilages to thin and refine a bulbous appearance to the tip of the nose

Recovery & Results

Patients may have about 1 week of recovery with the cast on and then up to 1 more week of downtime. Taking care of the nose is crucial, as any impact to it can interfere with results. As your nose heals, you can gradually return to your full routine in about 7-10 days with full exercise at about 3 weeks. The normal healing process includes seeing continual improvements day by day.

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