Ear Surgery: Otoplasty

Prominent ears can be a heavy source of insecurity. Many who suffer from over protruding ears seek surgery at a young age to correct their appearance. Although otoplasty or “ear pinning” surgery can be performed at any age, it is most commonly performed in children between the ages of 5-7 years old.

Ensure Your Successful Ear Surgery

A successful otoplasty is performed by making a hidden incision behind the ear and bringing the  protruding portion of the ear closer to the head. The surgery usually takes about 1-2 hours and the healing time lasts about one week.

Dr. Dhir’s goal is to ensure that his patients not only achieve the look they desire from quality surgical procedures, but that the patient’s inner confidence mirrors their new appearance. To discuss a custom plan for your otoplasty, call Dr. Dhir to schedule a consultation.

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