Facial Implants: Cheek, Jaw & Chin Implants

Attractiveness is achieved through harmonization of key facial structural features as personified by models, celebrities and confident people alike.

They exhibit volume and structure in the cheek region that helps support the skin of the face providing a framework of beauty around the eyes. Additionally, their facial structure is enhanced by a well-defined jawline and chin. A weak chin, or chin that ends behind the lower lip significantly, causes the nose to appear large even if the nose has proper aesthetic balance. Additionally, the jaw line can be weak resulting in a poorly defined neck line causing the skin of the neck to sag. An enhanced cheek, chin and jawline provide strength, beauty and confidence.

Ensure Your Successful Facial Implant

Facial implant procedures help bring harmony and confidence to your physical appearance. The implants can improve facial contour and strengthen prominent features, such as your jawline and cheeks.

A successful cheek, jaw or chin implant can address and correct the following concerns.

  • Underdeveloped cheek bones or volume loss to the midface
  • A weak chin that causes the nose to appear larger than it truly is
  • A weak jawline that causes the neck skin to hang and the facial appearance to appear adolescent from lack of definition

For some patients with major asymmetry in their face, especially in the chin and cheekbones, custom mandibular implants and cheek implants can achieve facial balance and produce a sense of symmetrical evenness by using state of the art technology to provide results with a high satisfaction rate.

Throughout the process, collaboration with patients is a key factor for success in any cheek, jaw or chin implant procedure. There is no “right” or “wrong” in the aesthetic outcome. Rather, it is critical to work with the patient and decide upon a balance between providing a dramatic or subtle result. Through this collaborative process to achieve your desired facial contour, you actively enhance the beauty of your face and gain confidence with a stronger, more defined appearance.

What to Avoid

Successful rhytidectomy procedures will AVOID the following undesired outcomes.
    • Prevent over injection of fillers
    • Prevent need for repeat filler procedures
    • Prevent unevenness as compared to fillers that resorb over time

What to Expect & How to Prepare

On the day of the procedure
    • A comfortable experience performed at a private surgery center.
    • Have a loved one drive you home and care for you for the next 24 hours
One to four weeks after the procedure
    • Your bandages will be removed between 1-3 days
    • Sutures are removed in 5-7 days
    • Swelling and bruising subsides over the course of 1-2 weeks
One to 12 months
    • The complete healing process is followed throughout the year to garner the best results

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