Cosmetic surgery is almost exclusively a medical field reserved for adults. However, there are certain times when a person under 18 is given the green light on an aesthetic procedure. Plastic surgery treatments serve multiple purposes, and their benefits can boost much more than just your appearance. Special procedures like blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and otoplasty can repair deformation after injury and restore function to important areas of the body.

Who Is a Candidate for Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Is it easy to find out who is a candidate for teenage rhinoplasty? Can people under 18 years of age receive this intensive yet highly personalized surgical treatment? Is there a trained and certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who has experience with teenage rhinoplasty? Yes, yes, and yes! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this unique procedure.

About Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenage rhinoplasty is designed for young patients who are dealing with severe issues as a result of their nose shape. They might have been born with a malformed nose that is squishing their airways and causing breathing issues. Perhaps their nose is so asymmetrical that it is causing them to be bullied in school, which can lead to extremely dangerous feelings of insecurity.

If your teenage child is losing their self-esteem because of their nose, it might be time to learn more about this highly beneficial – and sometimes life-saving – procedure.

During Surgery

During a rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon can use your fully developed face shape to determine what kind of nose would look best for you. While you are under full anesthesia, the doctor will move the misaligned parts of your nose to be more symmetrical with your face. This might include removing excess skin or cartilage from the bridge of your nose. Your nasolabial folds and nostrils may also be rearranged.

Rhinoplasty for Teens

During a teenage rhinoplasty, however, there are a few extra considerations that the surgeon must keep in mind. Your child’s face is still developing, so certain facial features may evolve and transform as they grow older. This must be taken into account when figuring out what new nose shape will look best during surgery. Additionally, any changes made to the shape of the nose must be done to enhance its foundational strength rather than simply adding aesthetic value.

Who Can Get Teenage Rhinoplasty?

As the name implies, teenage rhinoplasty is a specialized version of standard rhinoplasty treatments that adults are familiar with. This procedure takes into account the young age of the patient and accommodates their growing needs.

You may wonder if your child is a good candidate for this procedure. While surgery is always a last resort option, we understand that certain scenarios call for surgical intervention. You want the best for your child and we want to provide you with the best treatment in Beverly Hills.

That is why we have a few requirements for teens who want to sign up for this procedure:

Teens Between 14 – 17 Years Old

14 – 17 years is the typical age range that we will accept candidates for a teenage nose job. At 13 years old, many children are still in rapid development. Not to mention, there are many emotional and mental challenges that your child may face throughout the process. It is important that they are old enough to be able to advocate for their physical and mental health in this way.

Teens Who Are Okay with Anesthesia

The surgical process requires full anesthesia. This means that your child will be fully unconscious during the procedure, unable to feel a thing. Anesthesia is completely safe, though a team of specialists will be monitoring their vitals throughout the procedure. The surgery tends to last between four and six hours, with most patients being able to return home right away.

Teens with Reasonable Expectations

As we stated above, it is important that your child be fully aware of what they are signing up for. Rhinoplasty creates permanent results, so your child will never go back to the nose they once had. While the general consensus about results has been overwhelmingly positive from past teenage patients, it is still a good idea to make sure your child really wants this.

There are a lot of valid reasons why your teen needs this surgery right now. They might be struggling to breathe due to a blockage in their nose, which warrants a fix right away. There might also be a lot of social and emotional pressure from kids at school, who are bullying them about their noses. This can cause severe mental and emotional distress that may be treated with a procedure like this.

It is important to learn about the benefits of teenage rhinoplasty for you and your child. Learn more when you get in contact with Dr. Dhir and our friendly team of experts who can help you improve your physical health and mental well-being all at once!