Ever since I was a little girl I was always self conscious about my nose. The reason why I felt that way was because I had a big hump on my nose, and it was big for my face. When I was little people always made fun of me for that reason and made me embarrassed, uncomfortable and it caused me to become real self conscious about myself. When I finally decided to get my nose operated, I was afraid of picking the wrong Doctor; and I was afraid of my nose looking worse, or not liking it. When I walked in the surgery center I heard about Dr. Dhir and how he was really https://www.trendingdownward.com/blog/cialis-online/ good with surgeries of the nose. So I decided to pick him. I was afraid; although people told me he was a good surgeon. Finally the day of my surgery came and I was so happy that the results were great. I was able to tell the big difference right away. My hump was not there anymore and my nose was wow… great!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!! And I couldn’t be HAPPIER!! !!  This amazing doctor changed my life for good. I am no longer feeling self conscious about myself or embarrassed. Now I feel confident about myself and very happy. I thank god I found such an outstanding and amazing surgeon. Thank you Dr. Dhir.  I couldn’t be happier!!   You did an amazing job. 

– AR Los Angeles, CA